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19 20 Seat Dundee Minibus Hire

19 Seater Minibus Hire Dundee And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

Coach Hire Dundee's aim is providing unique travel solutions beyond customers' expectation. With over 5 years' experience in this industry, we provide exceptional transport services to a wide range of clients. Our broad range of vehicles offers customers a wide selection of choice. All our cars serviced on a regular basis for a smooth and comfortable ride. They have insurance covers and thoroughly inspected as required by the inspection board. Also, all the vehicles come with safety belts, cold and hot refreshments, reclined seats and music entertainment. Our 19 and 20 minibus hire vehicles range from Mercedes E class to Sports cars to Limousines and much more. With our fleet, you get spoilt for choice.

We cater for various events from corporate, to sports to wedding ceremonies and much more. We have different packages to suit different individual's needs and different nature of events. In case a client fails to find a quotation satisfying his needs or budget, we tailor-made a package to suit customers demand. Our customer service team is available 24hour to answer any queries and take you through the booking procedure. You can also book online through our website. Our collaboration with hospitality industries enables us to recommend our clients to some of the best hotels and restaurants' upon arrival. In a case of an extended visit, we amend the changes to fit into your schedule efficiently.

Our drivers are excellent in their work, very friendly, courteous, neatly dressed, professionally trained in their field, and they adhere to traffic rules. Their familiarization with roads and major tourist destinations, you are sure of getting to your destination on time. For long term trips such as vacations, we provide an additional driver for smooth and safe trips especially when tourists request to travel day and night. Whether you are traveling as a large or small group, you will find a quotation that suits your number and your budget with Coach Hire Dundee. We always give you time to compare our rates and services with other companies before making up your decision.

A group of clients requesting for private time, we provide the self-drive package which comes with GPRS for ease of navigation during their travel. A marketing team going to various retail shops selling their products for an extended period enjoy the unique storage spaces for fragile items during their journey. Also, our fleet comes with power sockets for charging phones and laptops. This facility enables the group updates their colleagues back in the office on their progress efficiently. We have ample storage space for the shopping and personal luggage. Therefore, a group of tourist on a long vacation can shop as much as they can or corporate organization going for camping and team building, need not worry about storage space for their camping gears.

The provision of the free internet allows the client's streamline their events on social media instantly. Whether you have traveled for a short or long-term period, we will accommodate your group efficiently. Our service extends to daily trips including learning institution visiting museums or art galleries for a history lesson. In case you go through our website, and you don't find a quotation that suits your budget and preference, we offer tailor-made one for you. That's how flexible we are, and we give value to your money.

All our fleet come with air conditioning, heating, and washroom facilities for the ultimate comfort of the customers. Our integrity and adaptability to changes make us the best transport provider in Dundee city.

Write us your feedback on our website, and we take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our services.